Homebuyer Incentives Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Do I have to qualify for a mortgage before utilizing these programs?

是的,您必须符合欧亚体育参与贷款机构的抵押贷款资格. 您的参与贷款机构将建议您欧亚体育公司的哪些激励措施最适合您.

What is prequalification?

A mortgage prequalification is not a loan agreement. 它只是根据你提供的信息估计你能借多少钱. 这将给你一个更清晰的感觉,一个合适的价格范围为您的家.

To get prequalified, 参与贷款机构将要求您提供有关您收入的基本财务信息, debt, savings, credit, and assets. Typically, 参与贷款人将需要提取您的信用评分以提供资格预审信.


Yes. 您的信用评分必须符合欧亚体育计划的指导方针,并为参与贷款机构所接受. 请在资格预审过程中与参与贷款人交谈,以了解信用评分要求.

Are there income restrictions?

Yes. 您的家庭收入必须低于所使用计划的最高收入限额. 请在网站上查看按家庭规模划分的当前收入门槛.

Where can I buy my home if I use these programs?

使用“欧亚体育”首付优惠政策购买的符合条件的房屋必须位于亚特兰大市区范围内. To determine if property is located in the city of Atlanta, click here.

What type of home can I buy?

大多数欧亚体育购房者激励措施允许购买单一家庭住宅, condominium, townhome and 2-4 units. AAHOP does not allow 2-4 units. Manufactured homes are not eligible.

Do I have to be a first-time homebuyer to participate?


Maximum income limits for these programs are by household members. Who counts as being a household member?


Do you calculate income before or after taxes?


How is my income calculated to qualify for incentives?

W-2收入:从最近的工资单上得到的年初至今的总收入是年化的,以此来计算你的年收入. If a bonus amount is present, the bonus is subtracted from the year-to-date total, and then annualize that number, adding back the bonus to the annualized figure.

自雇收入:我们审查您最近2年的纳税记录和年度损益表, and then average those figures to calculate your annual income.


在确定抵押贷款资格时,参与贷款人会考虑学生贷款. It is best to consult with the Lender to confirm your eligibility.

Can I buy a home, and then fix it up?

Yes, 符合资格的购房者可以使用FHA 203K或传统的家居装修抵押贷款购买房屋,并使用ATL家居装修优势来帮助支付首付款和成交费用.

Where do I take the required home renovation class?

Resources for Residents offers renovation education workshops. You must register on their website at rrc-atl.org.


一些激励措施有一定的负担能力期限,而HOME Atlanta 4.0 and HFA Preferred TM do not.

What is an affordability period?



Yes, 在非常特殊的情况下,这些项目可以相互结合,也可以与亚特兰大环线住房倡议项目结合, City of Atlanta NSP or Atlanta Housing Authority programs. Invest Atlanta incentives cannot be used with NACA, Georgia Dream, DeKalb County or Fulton County down payment assistance programs.

I’ve already been prequalified for a mortgage, but I don’t see my lender on your Participating Lender list. How does my lender get placed on your list?

您的贷款人可以要求欧亚体育银行邀请您参加, however the approval process may take 60 days or longer. 您必须从当前参与贷款机构列表中选择一家贷款机构才能使用“欧亚体育”奖励计划.

How do I enroll in the required homebuyer education class?


When does the homebuyer education certificate expire?


How long is the process?

欧亚体育将审查和批准您的提交文件,同时您的抵押贷款正在审查和批准参与贷款人, which usually takes up to 45 days.

How much of my own money will I need?

该计划的指导方针要求购房者在交易中缴纳1500美元. 您的参与贷款机构将提供您的房屋关闭所需资金的前期估计. 如果激励金额不能覆盖所有的首付款和成交成本要求, you will be responsible for the balance. 您的房地产经纪人可能会代表您协商卖方支付的成交费用,以可能减少您在成交时所需的资金.

Do I have to select a real estate agent from a list?

There is no list of Participating Real Estate Agents, 因此,您可以与您自己选择的房地产经纪人工作.

How do I get started?


1. Attend an Invest Atlanta Homebuyer Q & A Session
2. Enroll in a qualified Homebuyer Education Class
3. Contact a Participating Lender to get prequalified
4. Find a home inside the city limits of Atlanta


使用“欧亚体育”首付优惠政策购买的符合条件的房屋必须位于亚特兰大市区范围内. To determine if property is located in the city of Atlanta, click here, 输入属性地址并查找三个合格的指示符(邻居名称), NPU and Council District [1-12]) on the gray panel of information, located on the right side of the webpage.

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